An Idiot’s Guide to The Low Back Bra

How many of you out there if you are telling the truth ACTUALLY own a low back bra? I know that in my 15 years of bra wearing and in my search for the perfect bra, I have never come across a low back bra ever in my life. In my research for this article, I realized that low back bras are not so much a special bra, but an attachment to a bra. Since this article is a guide for idiot’s, I’m going to give myself a great big DUH!

Another option to adhesive bras is the low back bra. You can wear it under low-back tops and dresses. They work by attaching to the back closure of your favorite bra, wrap around your waist, and end in a cross-back for a secure and comfortable fit. So some of your trickiest styles have met your match without having to go out and buy new adhesive bras every time you want to wear low back tops and dresses.

There are a few rules to wearing the low back bra:

  • Wear with a back-close bra (only)
  • Strap attaches to the corresponding closure of your bra, wraps around waist creating an “X” in the back and attaches to the other end of bra closure
  • Hand wash cold. Air dry.


So I’m sure you’re wondering what this contraption looks like, because to me it sounds like a medieval torture device. Well, here are a couple pictures of what this bra add-on looks like.


low back 2


Tips (There’s so many things to remember just to wear a bra!)

  • You can cross the strap over on your back (see the middle one in the image below), this can feel more supportive than if it goes straight to the side and across the front. If the strap isn’t long enough you can hook two together.
  • Sometimes the strap across the front can cause bulging on your stomach, if this is happening and it will show through in what you are wearing put high-waisted control top panties over the top and this will smooth things out.
  • If the bra is likely to peek out as you move, use pieces of fashion tape to stick your clothes to the bra.
  • This may seem obvious but it’s also easy to forget. If you are wearing it with two shoulder straps, make sure you loosen them before putting it on.

low back 3

From left: Convertible bra with strap to pull down the back, the same but with a halter neck, the same but strapped to crossover in the back – see the tips above for an explanation, convertible bra with a low back extender, the same but with a halter neck.


What about Plus Sized Ladies?

Being the complete idiot that I am, I did do some research on the most basic of plus sized companies that I was aware of and these straps did not get good reviews at all. I did find an excellent site where there was a woman who showed how to make her own with extra bra clasps she had. Please don’t be turned off by her website that is called extra petite because it actually has a great idea for a problem that needs solving. Her web address is:

I hope that after doing all this research for this type of bra, you feel like you are not a complete idiot anymore (or at least gained some knowledge!)


5 Quirky AirBnB Stays


quirky stay airbnb

(Source: Flickr Creative Commons //

If you are under the mistaken impression that your bed should be bed shaped and your house shouldn’t be floating, then change your perceptions right now.

One of the unique things about AirBnB, aside from the amazingly affordable accommodation, is the ability to stay in quirky and unusual places. People around the world have opened up their homes (for a small fee) and those homes ain’t all bricks and mortar y’all, some of them are seriously quirky.

Check out our 10 quirky picks.

5) Why not go glamping in this hippie bus in Bywater, New Orleans?

This multi-tasking bus spent four years travelling the owner, Otter, around providing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina. With only six rooms, this is definitely a uniquely cosy experience and while you aren’t going to be maxing out on luxury, for less than $70 per night, you get to enjoying one of the quirkiest (and karmic!) AirBnB apartments around.



4) Live it up in a colonial palace in Cuba.

Now that Cuba has its doors wide open to U.S citizens make your way over and check out some of the most palatial apartments you’ll find in the world for less than $30!



3) Get acquainted with the great outdoors in Malibu.

This is glamping at it’s finest, and there will be no soggy feet here as Malibu has some of the most gorgeous weather in the USA. Tucked away in a canyon (yes, a canyon!) enjoy a little slice of Africa in America in this luxury safari-style tent.

While you probably won’t see a lion or water buffalo any time soon, you will be privy to some serious yummy organic food (including an avocado orchard!) and of course, the ocean.



2) Get your culture on in John Steinbeck’s writing retreat.

If you are the opposite of outdoorsy and relish a cup of coffee in a quiet retreat, this cute cottage is for you. The former home to famous American author John Steinbeck, these set of studio apartments are private, cosy and located in the “Butterfly town of the USA”, aka Pacific Grove, California.



1) Relive childhood in a treehouse!

This is the ultimate in escapist accommodation, and there truly is nothing more romantic and whimsical than staying in a treehouse made for two. Located opposite a Mulberry Farm, and next to a castle (!) the treehouse is a little bit different to what your dad built for you way back when. It has a sauna, gazebo, and Netflix!

In classic AirBnB style, the White Lotus treehouse offers more than just a little jazzy accommodation. Try a canoe, or a cheeky golf course, or even a sauna!


AirBnB is so much more than simple rooms in an apartment. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy something a little different at a fantastic value, especially when you grab yourself an AirBnB promo code at Travelgooroo. You can find codes online in a jiffy, so there are no excuses for skipping these quirky picks!